Wednesday, January 26, 2011

7 Article Writing Pitfalls to Watch Out

Article writing pitfalls

You need to approach article writing differently when you are doing it for the Net. Readers are impatient and they want to know what they are looking for quickly. These are the things you should look out for:

  1. Just long paragraphs: On the Net, nobody wants to read many lengthy paragraphs to hunt for your main ideas. Highlight the most important issues by using bullet points. Readers don’t read, but scan. Your  ideas in bold will serve their purposes

  1. Content not supporting the title: Ask yourself whether the content is matching the title of the article. Do the ideas presented answer what the title is looking for?

  1. Lengthy introduction: In your introduction tell the readers in a short paragraph what you are going to talk about and bring   them right into the body of your article.

  1. Titles without impact: Does your title carry the maximum emotional marketing value? Does your title impact the readers intellectually, empathetically and spiritually? Always check your article titles at Headline Analyzer. The title of this article has an EMV of 42.86% with an empathetic appeal. 

  1. Wordiness: Wordiness results in unnecessary repetition of the same idea in different words like:

    • The sky is blue in color
    • Small in size
    • Totally rejected
    • Bare essential
           Write to express yourself clearly, accurately in short sentences and paragraphs.

  1. No relevant images: A suitable image will complement your article and strengthen your idea to call for action from your readers. Readers will be impressed by a captivating picture and more likely to read your article.

  1. Grammar and spelling errors: Write an article in two sessions. The first session is just to put ideas into your article. The next session is to check that your writing is flawless in every way. It is a good idea to ask another person to edit your articles because you can’t identify all the errors and not even the spelling checker.

What are the other things to avoid in article writing? Share with us.

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  1. Good suggestions. I've stopped reading some blogs because, while I like the topic or the writer, I can't stand reading long paragraphs on my computer screen. The most annoying blogs are those where the whole post seems to have no paragraphs or white spaces... too hard to read so I don't bother.

  2. You are right. These are some of the things to avoid in article writing. Thanks for your input.


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