Friday, January 14, 2011

Remove Barriers to Success

Barriers to success

What is success? It is the establishment and attainment of goals. However, to gain success you have to overcome some barriers to success.

·         Aimless living: Every day your mind needs to be focus. The focus point is your goal-related activities. Without setting challenging goals, there is no way to channel your energy for worthwhile purposes. Your mind is drifting in emptiness. Establish your goals by identifying what you are good at, what you like to do and what is meaningful to you. Your goals will direct your attention and you look forward to each new day with eagerness.

·         Negative thoughts: Your mind controls your action. It is essential to tune your mind to think positively. It means you must feel good about yourself, be confident, calm and composed. Negative thoughts drain your energy and dampen your enthusiasm.

·         Bad habits: Are you a slave to bad habits such as procrastination and inertia. Change and replace your bad habits, one at a time, to clear the obstacles of success. Be guided by your objectives and take immediate action.

·         Living in the past: Be free from the past about your setbacks and failures which are restraining you from achieving success. It is a new beginning, be in high spirits and hopeful for a positive outcome. 

·         Fail to do the daily tasks: The attainment of goals is about doing the daily tasks which in turn will get the weekly, monthly tasks done. Do it consistently and you will get to achieve your yearly goals.  The most important thing is to do what you need to do and do it now. It adds up

·         Fail to live a healthy lifestyle: Less physical movement means more health problems. Lead an active life.  Eat healthily, get up early, exercise daily, and look at the bright side of things. Learn to relax and unwind. A healthy body and a healthy mind are essential to attain success in life.

·         Fail to seek help: You don’t have to do it alone. Network with successful people and learn from their hardship and success. Read widely to be enlightened. Learn from your past mistakes and be wiser.

Set worthy and written goals, clear all barriers and be successful in life. 


  1. I find it important to start the day on the right foot. Before I get out of bed, I take some time to reflect and get psyched! I appreciate the fact that I woke up another day, I am thankful for what I have, I am hopeful for others who are not so blessed, and I look forward to what the day has to offer. In this state of mind, I get out there and get to it! :)

  2. Thanks for visiting and your great ideas.
    Yes, get up early with positive thoughts is the way to kickstart a brand new day.


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