Tuesday, January 18, 2011

7 Essential Technical Skills to Secure Your Job

Look, you need technical skills to run a company.
Carly Fiorina

Are you competent in the area of your expertise? Have you acquired additional skills to be more valuable at the workplace? Find out more about practical skills you must have to hold your job.

1. Professional skills: This is your core expertise such as law, marketing or accounting. You are employed because you can contribute your specialized knowledge to the growth of the company. It is also necessary for you to update yourself on a regular basis.

2. IT skills: You can’t work without IT. Get to know useful software and hardware at the workplace. Take advantage of the advancements of technology to be more productive. Get onto the social networking sites to project a positive image of yourself. Write articles on your own blog to share your know-how.

3. Planning and organizational skills: Plan ahead to work logically, smoothly and avoid emergency situations. Do daily to-do list in advance and get things done efficiently and effectively

4. Creative thinking skills: This is one important skill to get you ahead of others. Get original and unique ideas to improve the way you work. Most important of all, Solve problems creatively.

5. Time management skills: You must be able to identify your rhythm of energy and work accordingly to get the most important things done. Know when to take breaks to regain your energy and concentration. Are you an early riser? You stand to gain a lot by starting a new day early. The most important thing is to do the right thing, do it right at the right time. You should also spend time on important but not urgent matters like reading and further education to improve yourself.

6. Language skills: In Malaysia, it is necessary to have working knowledge of more than two languages. As a Chinese, I use English to write article and I communicate daily in Malay with others as I live in Malaysia, a cosmopolitan country.

7. Personal management skills: The key is to have a balanced life. It means you are able to allocate time for work, recreation, family, connecting with others, exercise, rest, play and sleep. They are all important aspects of your life which you cannot ignore.

These essential working skills will stand you in good stead. Be skillful and be successful at work.

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