Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Easy and Effective Working Habits

Easy and effective working habits

After working in the office for many years, I have identified some good working habits. Here is the list:

1.      Do it now: The fastest and the most effective way to get things done is to do it now. You may forget to do if you decide to do it later or you may have more pressing issues to attend to and there is no time to work on it. Moreover, when you do it promptly others  are impressed by your efficiency

2.      Write it down: It is an indispensable habit to remember things to do. It is especially true for telephone messages. Calls usually come in at the wrong time while you are in the midst of doing something. The best thing that you can do is to write down the message. You can take action right away if it takes only a few minutes

3.      Be mindful: The ability to focus and pay attention to what you do is essential to produce quality work. One sure way is to be mentally prepared to work without distractions and  not to allow outstanding problems  to disturb your peace of mind

4.      Start early: My peak performance is in the morning. I usually go to work early and I can get things done in one go without being disturbed. By the time others have arrived I have already done the most important thing for the day. It’s a great way to start a new day early.

5.      To-do list: In the evening I get ready a to-do list for the following day before I go to bed. Psychologically, I sleep with peace of mind because I know what to expect as I have already planned and organized to get things done smoothly in a brand new day.

6.      Handling documents: The number one habit listed here applies -.act immediately and handle only once. As soon as a piece of document has landed on your table, take immediate action. There are four things you can do:

a.       Discard it immediately if it serves no purposes
b.      Act on it right away: If it takes a few minutes to get it done, just do it.
c.       File: If it is for reference only, send the document to its permanent home  
d.      A folder for outstanding work: When you cannot act on it right away put the document in a folder and leave it on your table so that you can keep in view and do it later.

7.      Do what you like and enjoy what you do: The key word here is happiness. As you are going to spend most of your time at work, it is necessary to like and enjoy your work. Do work that you are interested in and you are good at. Be happy at the workplace.

8.      Take your lunch outside: Don’t eat your lunch and work at the same time. According to researchers distracted eating makes you fat. Distracted eaters cannot remember what they have eaten and they feel significantly less full just after lunch. Dr. Brunstrom, a researcher in behavioural nutrition at the University of Bristol in England, says memory plays an important role in the regulation of food intake and distractions during eating disrupt that. Furthermore, you will only enjoy your meals when you are not doing anything else at the same time. So, sit down and eat slowly.

9.      Take breaks:  I have this habit of taking my tea break in the afternoon. I get out of the office to enjoy a cup of tea with some food to munch. It is a marvelous way to relax your mind and restore your energy for the rest of the day. Outstanding problems are instantly  resolved after a refreshing  break

What do you think of these working habits? Do you have other productive working habits to share with us?  


  1. These are good tips to be more productive.

  2. I think keeping a positive vibe is one of the most important work habits. If you enjoy what you're doing, you're most likely to put your all into it and do your best.

  3. Yes, a positive mental attitude will bring you productivity and happiness at work.


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