Friday, December 10, 2010

What do you value in life?


What are the things that you treasure the most in life? I find the following essential to live a fulfilling life: 

  • Time and life: As we grow older time seems to pass by much quicker. It is, therefore, important to spend time wisely. Live a balanced life by allocating time to work, take breaks, create, sleep, exercise and to be with loved ones. Plan and organize your day well. The most important thing is to live fully today because it is the only time you have power to do what you want to do. It is also the best time to enjoy, not yesterday or tomorrow. Today is the only time that you can express and communicate with someone close to you. Yesterday is dead and gone and tomorrow may not come.

  • Health and fitness: How well you live is measured by how healthy and fit you are. You work and enjoy more when you are full of energy and feel good about yourself. Your health is truly the most valuable thing in life. Without it there is no fun and no hope in life.

  • Hope and expectations: It implies that you expect good things to happen because you have set meaningful goals and you are working on it every day. Hope makes life worth living because you see a bright future ahead of you 

  • Peace of mind and contentment: There are many things that contribute to your peace of mind .One of them is debt-free living. When you are in debt you will face all sorts of harassment from people who want to recover the money you have owed. People do not respect you any more and it affects you negatively. More seriously, you may end up as a bankrupt. The other thing is about wanting less in life and be contented with what you have. Less desire means more peace of mind. Peace of mind is also about not thinking of the past or worrying about the future. Live mindfully in the present and enjoy what you do. Peace of mind gives you inner freedom. Your mind is free from negative thoughts such as jealousy, resentment or hatred. Your heart is filled with forgiveness, love and respect.

  • Relationships and connection: To connect and to be connected, to love and to be loved, to respect and be respected, to care and to be cared are some of the wonderful things in life. In the journey of life, companionship gives you the courage, determination and motivation to carry on living and hope for the best.
There is no mention of happiness at all in this article. In fact happiness is there and can be found in the things you value the most.  When you get the most out of those things you value, you are the happiest person in the world. By the way, what do you value in life?

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