Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Are You Performing at Work?

Are you performing at work

In every organization there is an annual appraisal and review to assess your performance at work. As an effective executive, you should take a proactive approach to do a self-assessment of your own performance from time to time.  Here are the pointers to help you do an effective personal appraisal:


  • Do you deliver reports on a timely fashion?
To deliver reports on the dot is to avoid causing   inconvenience to others. Ad hoc assignments should be completed on agreed dates to honor your promise and build the trust of others in you.

  • Do you have an effective filing system?
When a document is not properly filed it is as good as lost. Proper filing means you are able to retrieve a document quickly and easily.

  • Do you possess a creative mental attitude?
Things may be running smoothly in the office, but it is crucial to think ahead and see how you can get things done more efficiently and effectively.

  • Do you know what is expected of you?
You are hired for what you are good at to complement the strengths of your boss. Get things done without being told and do better than expected.

  • Are you a trusted and valued employee:
Trust can only be built over time. However, it can be destroyed instantly. Go to work on time and be punctual for meetings. Promise to deliver and deliver as promised.

  • Are you knowledgeable?
Be ready with information and knowledge at your fingertips to answer questions and discuss issues with your boss.

Self development

  • Do you exercise every day?
Your health and physical fitness play a key role in your daily performance. Exercise such as jogging promotes energy, calmness and concentration in you. You will be more alert to perform under stressful situations,

  • Do you dress your best?
People may be wearing the same clothing but it is how you carry yourself that makes the difference. Dress smartly and walk energetically and look straight ahead. Let others perceive you as a meticulous and confident person,

  • Are you learning new skills?
Companies of different sizes have learnt a lesson from the financial crisis. Now they are looking for people with multiple skills to be more cost effective. See what are the additional skills required at the workplace and see what you can do to acquire the skills to complement your area of expertise.

  • Are you keeping  up with your own area of expertise:
Always renew and update your knowledge in your particular area of work.

People Skills

  • Are you friendly and approachable?
Wear a smile and greet people you meet. Pay full attention when someone is talking to you. The point is to talk less and listen more.

  • Are you supportive of your boss?
The most important thing is to get the trust of your boss. Be sincere and frank and do not hide or cheat. Work closely with your boss to achieve his and the company’s goals.

  • Are you able to work with others?
Be interested in others so that they will in return pay attention to you. Things get done easily through others when they have a positive image of you.

  • Are you able to control your emotions?
Don’t show your anger or rudeness at work. You must be able to control your negative emotions. Don’t displace your ugliness in front of other staff.

Be smart to capitalize on your strengths and replace your bad habits with good ones. These are critical steps to get ahead in the corporate world. 

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  1. Great advice, and excellent points of interest when evaluating yourself. I think this is a great idea, because you will know what to expect when a review is conducted, and allows for personal reflection. Thanks for sharing!

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