Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Be Positive Be Happy At Work

Happy at work

Working with a positive mental attitude brings about happiness at work. How do you work with a positive frame of mind? Here are the suggestions:

  1. Be mindful: Work with full attention with your mind focus on the job at hand. This is the way to produce quality work.

  1. Be creative: You move ahead and stay ahead of others with original and unique ideas. You work differently with outstanding results. 

  1. Be organized: Plan ahead and organize your work. Carry a to-do list and get things done according to priority

  1. Be flexible: Be open- minded and accept changes to work better and smarter.

  1. Be your best: Dress smartly and wear a smile and greet people you meet. Impress others that you are a meticulous person,

  1. Be friendly: Be interested in others, listen more and talk less. Project an outgoing and friendly disposition.

  1. Be cheerful: Control your negative emotions and be cheerful always. Signal to others that you are approachable.

  1. Be early: Be ahead of others by starting a new day early to get things done. You take a deserving break while others have just started working.

  1. Be proactive: Take preventive measures to avoid emergency situations. Plan and work ahead.

  1. Be noticed: Don’t just work quietly, be seen by your boss and be valued.

  1. Be trusted: You promise to deliver and deliver as promised the first time and every time to gain the full trust of others

  1. Be confident: Adopt a problem solving attitude. The more problems you can solve the more confident and resourceful you will be.

  1. Be productive: Productivity is the outcome of working smart. It is about efficiency and effectiveness in getting more things done by working less. 

  1. Be zestful: Exercise every day to maintain your peak performance. Be alert and full of energy at work.

  1. Be knowledgeable: Be able to answer questions relating to your area of expertise at your finger tips. Do continuous learning to be on top of things.

Working positively is working happily.

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