Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Be Productive Be Happy At Work

Excellent performance

Productivity starts by choosing the right career path. It is about matching your skills to the right job to maximize your output productively. Here are the steps to take to be productive at work:

  • You set goals: Set your goals according to your interests, passion and what you do best. You will perform better in things that truly fascinate you. You enjoy what you do and you produce great work.

  • You plan, organize and you follow your to-do list: When you have set your long term goals. You break them into smaller goals and action steps to be achieved yearly, monthly and daily. You prepare your to-do list in advance highlighting the most important task that matters the most to you. You will do it first thing in the morning. As an example, the most important daily task for me is to write an article. This is the first thing that I will do in the early morning when my mind is fresh and my energy is at its peak. When the main task is taken care of, the rest of the things will fall into place.

  • You are mindful at work: Effectiveness at work is about working mindfully, enthusiastically, energetically with full concentration. This is easily attainable  when you enjoy doing the work

  • You take breaks: Productivity is not working non-stop. It is about taking frequent breaks to rest your mind and to renew your energy so that you can perform and focus well.

  • You make progress by making mistakes: You work, you make mistakes and you learn from your mistakes and be wiser and smarter at work.

  • You solve problems:  Problems occur every day. Solving problems is a great way to promote creativity and be resourceful. Overcoming problems boosts your confidence to the next level.

  • You evaluate: At regular intervals you check and measure your performance against your goals. Are you meeting your objectives or are you falling short? You will make the necessary adjustments in view of changing prevailing conditions. Achieving goals and getting productive are life’s challenges.  

Productivity leads to excellent performance and happiness.

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