Saturday, December 11, 2010

Smart Ways to Manage Time

Manage time

Time management is not about getting busy and cramming the day with work and do non-stop. It is about working less and getting just the most important things done for the day. There is time to take breaks and there is time to enjoy yourself. Here are the suggestions to manage time effectively:

  1. Do the essential: Just do one or two important tasks for the day. The work that matters the most to you. Other  tasks can be done later or delegate

  1. The right time to do the right job: I do the most important and demanding tasks in the morning. My mind is fresh and my energy is at its peak I start early and I get it done smoothly without interruption. Get the most important things when you can do your best.

  1. Plan and organize ahead: The best time to plan ahead is at the end of a working day. Prepare the to-do list for the following day and get ready the things to be done in the morning. You will start right away when you arrive at work. Planning  and organization is an important step to manage time effectively

  1. Be focus: Concentrate on the job at hand. Do one thing at a time. Multitasking is stressful and a waste of time. Stick to one job until it is completed.

  1. Deadline: Always give yourself a target date to complete a piece of work As work expands to cover the time given to the job, it is better to finish sooner than later.

  1. Go slow: More haste means less speed. When you do things in a hurry you are more likely to make mistakes and delay your work. Work with peace of mind is the way to go.

  1. Handle interruptions: While you are mindful at work, response and act immediately to interruptions such as telephone calls if it takes you only a few minutes. Do it now before you forget later

  1. Allocate time for important but not urgent things. One such thing is continuous learning. Learn to upgrade yourself and keep up with changes in life.

  1. Productive use of unproductive time: While you are waiting for your turn in a queue or in a public transport, observe, read or think and create ideas instead of doing nothing.

  1. You control the time, do what you like and live the life you want: Life is fulfilling when you do what is meaningful to your. Go and realize your dreams and achieve your goals and be happy.
At the end of the day, you will know that your have managed time well when you have accomplished what you have planned to do.

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