Monday, December 13, 2010

Effective Habits to Adopt


I find the following habits productive and effective. Do you have these positive habits?

  1. Get up early: There are beautiful things you can do as an early riser. You can marvel nature such as watching the sun rising slowly and turning the earth from total darkness to brightness. There is time for you to have a leisurely breakfast. You can also go about your morning activities without rushing about.  The best part is that you get things done way ahead of others. Psychologically, when you get up early you feel like a winner.

  1. Daily exercise: You get your energy and fitness from your daily exercise. You will be calm and collected and be able to perform at your best  under stressful situations

  1. To-do list: This is the greatest habit of productivity. You will know the most important tasks of the day and you get them done first thing in the morning.  The best to-do list is a short one. It is attainable and manageable and you are not overwhelmed.

  1. Write things down: An effective habit to reinforce your memory even without looking at it. The other thing is that ideas are elusive, it is gone if it is not written.

  1. Be happy: The best thing in life you can do to yourself is to make it a habit to be happy. Happiness attracts good health, good feelings and good luck.

  1. Be optimistic and confident:  The way to live life is to look at bright side of things. Your feel-good attitude will promote a can-do mentality.

  1. Go slow: As you know more haste means less speed. It is stressful to do things in a hurry and more likely to make mistakes. It is also safer to drive a little slower on the road.

  1. Plan and organize: You get better time management, are more productive and get things done smoothly. This is the best habit to use time wisely and effectively.

  1. Spend less than what you have: This is great for debt-free living. This thrifty habit will go a long way in your life for financial freedom and peace of mind.

  1. Getting peace of mind: The way to do it is to forget about the past as it is dead and gone, and not to worry about the future as you have already planned and organized for it. Just remember that outstanding problems will interfere with your peace of mind. Solve problems as soon as possible to allow your mind to focus on what you are doing.

  1. Do it now:  This is the most effective habit to beat procrastination. Anything that is worth doing just do it right away or else it will never be carried out.

Share your useful and practical habits with us. 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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