Tuesday, November 30, 2010

7 Goals to Get Ahead in 2011 and Beyond

2011 and beyond

Christmas and New Year are around the corner. It is about time to join your friends and relatives to celebrate Christmas and usher in New Year. Wait, it is also timely at this junction to plan and organize to get a head start in 2011 and beyond. This article is to remind you that your goals will be consisting of the following areas or else your life will be out of balance. Success and happiness in life is a balancing act. You can’t go to extreme in one particular area and ignore the rest; you will be courting for trouble. 

  1. Healthy and fit: This is your first priority. Watch less TV and start to exercise or reduce your weight to be fit and full of energy. You will be able to do more and enjoy more in life when you are as fit as a fiddle. You feel good about yourself and you are calm and collected to live life fully.

  1. Career success :  Set written career goals and move up the corporate ladder. Most important of all, you must be able to perform to meet the expectations of your employee. Build the trust of others in you. Acquire additional skills to be more valuable at work. Get rid of your bad habits and impress others by dressing smartly and appropriately.
  1. Financial freedom : Are you in debt? Resolute to reduce or erase your debt as soon as possible Aim to spend less than your take-home pay. The surplus fund is to be saved for emergency purposes and invested for your children’s education and retirement needs. Use credit card wisely but never do purchases on credit. Financial freedom is debt free and carefree.

  1. Harmony at home: Happiness is about a peaceful home life. Spend more time together and talk to each other more often. Starting this coming New Year watch less TV and help more in household chores.

  1. Get peace of mind: One way to get peace of mind is to solve problems creatively and promptly. An unsolved problem will disturb your peace of mind. Are you morally doing the right things? You get peace of mind by not cheating, lying or betray the trust of others in you. Peace of mind can be further enhanced by doing meditation daily.
  1. Get connected: Improve your people skills. Be interested more in others and see what you can do for them. The more you pay attention to others; they will notice it and show interest in you in return. Get connected with the right people to share and learn from each other to move ahead in life. 
  1. Continuous learning: Your learning does not end with your graduation. It is just the beginning. Keep abreast and be alert of latest events and issues that are affecting you. Take advantage of advances in technology to do your work easier and more efficiently. Read and learn to stay updated in your area of expertise.

Plan ahead now and make 2011 a successful year and more successes for many more years to come. 

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