Monday, November 22, 2010

Be Creative Be Ahead (1)

Be creative

Creativity is not confined to designers; it is equally applicable to all walks of life. I find that by doing the following things you can get a flow of ideas.

  • Be inspired: As a writer, I can run out of ideas for my articles and I need to look for inspiration. I look at many words from article titles, magazine covers and advertisements. One of the words will trigger my mind to come up with an article. Get off your chair go outside and look around and be inspired by what you see and observe. Something you notice will suddenly give you an inspiration. According to Fredrik Haren, author, do what inspires you. What inspires you makes you creative.

  • Solve problems: Don’t run away from problems, problems are excellent way to make you creative. A problem is something new or else it is not a problem. You need a new idea to overcome it. With determination and by being resourceful and creative you get a practical idea to solve a problem. Solving a problem will boost your confident to solve more problems in life. It means you will get into a wonderful habit to be more creative.   

  • Learn new things: Learning new things will excite the mind and get you more resourceful. The biggest spin off is that you will be creative by applying what you have learnt to other areas of you life.

  • Creative thinking attitude: Be it at work or at home, put on your thinking cap more often to find new ways of doing things. Tell yourself that there must be a better way to get this thing done.

  • Determined to succeed: You want to be a winner and you want to achieve your goals. So, you work harder and think of better ideas to get ahead of others.

Creativity generates unique and original ideas and the innovative ideas impress others and get you ahead of the crowd.

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