Thursday, November 25, 2010

Are You Enjoying Spiritual Well-Being?

Spiritual well-being

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, spirit is the part of a person that includes their mind, feelings and character rather than their body. There are many ways in getting spiritual well-being. You will find the following ideas helpful and useful.

  • Peace of mind: The ability to be calm and live in the present is a positive sign of your inner peace. Try these tips to obtain peace of mind

  • Financial freedom: Money may be the furthest thing from your spiritual well-being. But living within your means and be debt-free contribute greatly to your calm and peaceful mind 

  • Guilt free: Your conscience is clear when you always do the right things. You are honest with yourself and others. You do not cheat or betray the trust of other in you. There is nothing for you to hide from others.

  • Meditate: The best time to do it is before the break of dawn. Everything is quiet and your mind is clear and fresh. Meditate to relax your mind and calm your nerve. It is a great way to start a new day with a collected mind.

  • Mindful: When you are mindful you pay full attention to the task at hand and you are not thinking of something else. You can promote.mindfulness in many ways

  • Appreciation: Be appreciative of what you are and be contented with what you have got in life. Desire no material wants to gain serenity in your mind. Be thoughtful and thankful to those who have helped you in one way or another.

  • Harmonious relationships: To love, share, care, trust and give are the ways for a truly lasting relationship. Your heart is filled with kindness and generosity and your mind is free from negative thoughts such as resentment and jealousy

  • Take time to enjoy nature: Escape from the city to be with nature and be pampered by the quietness and the fresh air of the mountain or the valley.

  • The ability to solve problems: Unsolved problems are the main factor to disrupt your spiritual well-being and peace of mind. Think creatively to deal with a problem promptly and do not allow an issue to get worse.

  • Happy and satisfy at work: Holding a job is more than getting a source of income. A job is your pride and it holds you in high self-esteem. You are pleased and feel good about yourself for what you can do.

  • Meaningful goals: You follow your dreams and inspire to achieve your goals in life. Each small success along the way brings you satisfaction and contentment

  • Positive thoughts: Let your thoughts be optimistic, hopeful and confident so that you can be happy, cheerful and delightful.

Wish you more spiritual well-being. 

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