Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Be Organized Be Effective

Be Organized Be Effective

There are many advantages of getting organized. Work gets done smoothly, quickly in less time but no less thoroughly. There is less stress, frustration and more peace of mind. Being an organized and effective person, you are confident of yourself in getting things done in an orderly manner. There are many areas in life to get organized and achieve your goals:

  • Organize your life and time: There are seven goals, namely health, career, financial freedom, family, happiness and peace of mind, relationships and continuous learning  to achieve in your life and the key to organize your time is to strike a balance between the various goals. Do it in such a way that you are able to pay equal attention without going to extreme in one particular area.

  • Organize your workplace: The goal is to achieve productivity. The way to do it is to organize your tools within your reach so that you can work continuously without having to hunt high and low for the things you need. Efficient organization is about proper storage or filing so that it is easy to retrieve an item.  

  • Organize your home: There is a place for everything in the house. Return an item to its usual place after use. The most important thing is to avoid clutter. A spacious home attracts the flow of positive energy

  • Organized your trip: Plan and organize your trip such as shopping for groceries once a week to avoid wasting time and petrol. Look at your to-do list to see how you can coordinate your trips and your tasks.

  • Organize your work: Do a certain activity such as making phone calls or writing reports at the same time each day or the same day every week. Arrange to do the most important task in the morning when you are fresh and full of energy.  Organize your daily, weekly and month routines and follow accordingly   

  • Organized your day: Make each day a productive day. Organize and allocate time to work, rest, spend time with family and to exercise. One effective way is to carry a to-do list and follow the list doing first thing first.
Get organized to get  more out of life and be effective to achieve success and happiness.

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