Saturday, November 20, 2010

Go Slow to Manage Time Effectively

Go slow

Are you always in a hurry? Are you always running short of time? Are you working quickly to get things done? If so, you are not in control of your time. There are ways to be the master of time:

  • Plan ahead
  • Be an early riser
  • Doing first thing first

When you manage time effectively, you are mindful, you get peace of mind and you go slow to get things done. You are not literally doing thing at a snail pace. You are paying full attention and work diligently but you are not under pressure or running short of time to get things done. You enjoy the process of doing it. There is a difference between working mindfully and working quickly and not paying full attention to what you do.

There are delightful ways to go slow in life:
  • Eat slowly: When you eat you don’t watch TV or read newspaper. You sit down to savor and enjoy your food.  You chew each mouthful and taste the food before swallowing it. Actually proper digestion starts with the saliva.
  • Read slowly: Read to understand and learn from it. When you read quickly you have to reread to know what it is all about. 
  • Love slowly: Love is not at first sight. It takes time to get to know and understand each other more and better.
  • Exercise slowly: You get the most benefits out of a slow jog. You enjoy the fresh air and take in more oxygen. You look and see more along the way.
  • Drive slowly: To drive slowly is to drive defensively. You anticipate and are on the alert at places where there are likely to cause accidents. You pick up at reasonable speed when it is safe to do so.    
  • Work slowly: An organized person has already planned ahead to do first thing first. There is time for him to take deserving breaks and he is in full control of the time to accomplish the tasks of the day without working under stress.
  • Live slowly: When you go for a sightseeing trip you don’t rush about but you take your time to feast your eyes with the breathtaking scenes. Go slow in life to appreciate nature and the environment around you.
When you are in full control of your time ,you go slow and enjoy what you do.

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