Friday, November 19, 2010

Be Successful and Happy in the Journey of Life

Journey of life

Success is not a destination. It is an ongoing journey. The most important thing is to enjoy the journey and find success along the way. How do you find happiness and success travelling along the long and winding road? The journey is not smooth going but full of pot holes and going uphill and downhill. Here are the ways to hit the road and face challenges in the journey of life:

·        Set goals: You start your car engine and you know where you are going. Likewise, you plan your journey in life, so that you know where you want to go. Your goals are meaningful to you. You do what you like and you know you are capable of getting what you want. You are focus in the direction where you are going and there is no u-turn or sidetracking

·        Reaching greater height: As soon as you have reached a milestone in your life, you set new targets and move on to conquer uncharted territories. Life goes on.

·        Keep fit and healthy: To be successful and happy is to be healthy and fit. Good health promotes energy and stamina and let you perform at your beast.

·        Optimistic: To think positive is to be hopeful about the future.  You are eager to do the required tasks to reach your ultimate goals every day.

·        Go slow: Take the time to appreciate what you do, enjoy the process of doing something you like. Go slow to marvel nature and its wonders  

·        Determination: As an example you are inspired by great writers and you aspire to be one, it is necessary to write every day constantly and persistently. You can only be a better writer by writing more and more over time

·        Solve problems creatively: Life is full of problems and obstacles. These are the essence of life or else it would be very dull. The most important thing is to look for solutions to problems you encounter along the way. Solving problems is a wonderful way to boost your confidence.

·        Companionship: The journey of life is made interesting and delightful when there is someone to accompany you. You share life through thick and thin with your partner and care for each other. 

The best way to live life is to live each day fully as it comes. There is no thinking about the past or worrying about the future.   

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  1. Great post! These ideas are so basic but at the same time it is easy to forget them. I like the picture, too. Great post :)


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