Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Working Positively and Successfully

Working Positively and Successfully

Your success at the workplace is measured by your performance. How well you can perform is measured by your preparedness for the job and how effective you get things done. Check out the following to work positively and successfully:  

  • Ready to work: Do you like your job? Are you mindful at work? Are you fit and full of energy to perform your best? Dress smartly to project a positive image of yourself and to boost your confidence. Smile at people you meet, look at things on the bright side and be sure of yourself to get things done. When you are ready to work, you work at your best.

  • Be organized: Always plan ahead and carry your to-do list in your shirt pocket. Be on top of things to execute from one task to another smoothly. Do less to achieve more by doing the most important job that gives you the most results.

  • Productive: To be productive you need to be efficient and effective. Work performance is about  getting things done in less time but no less thoroughly

  • Solution provider:  Employers are looking for people who can solve ongoing problems at work. Be creative and innovative to give practical ideas that work.

  • Deliver timely, fully and precisely: Do a complete job and deliver as promised in a timely fashion to the satisfaction of your employer every time. Secure the trust of your boss in you.

  • Continuous learning: To be effective you have to update yourself with the latest news, trends in technology and in the area of your expertise. Be ready to absorb the impact of events that are affecting you and make the necessary changes in the way you work for the better.

  • A team player: Do not judge others but look for the best in others and work closely with other departments to achieve the goals of the establishment. Unity is strength.

Working effectively and successfully is working proactively to be ahead and stay ahead of the competition. 

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