Friday, November 7, 2008

Stress at the Workplace - The Sources

When you are able to identify the sources of your stress you are able to deal with it more effectively. Here are some of the causes of stress from the work itself and the environment at the workplace:

1. Working hours unpredictable: There is no proper allocation of workload and you are ordered to work overtime at short notice. When you do not do you are blacklisted. You cannot control your own time.

2. Rush hour: Even with proper planning you are still caught with serious traffic congestion problems. The delay is unbearable and when you reach the office you are totally exhausted. It goes on day after day.

3. Workload unpredictable: When you are busy you work under tremendous pressure. But when there is noting to do and you cannot do anything else, you are bored to death.

4. Routine tasks: Like data entries, the work is the same every day and the work needs your full concentration. The chances of getting occupational illnesses are high. Moreover the hope of getting promoted is slim. The work satisfaction level is at its lowest.

5. Noise pollution: Piling work is going on near the workplace. The old air-conditioner is making a loud noise. You colleagues are chatting away endlessly.

6. Poor lighting: Working too long under dim lights tires your eyes and numbs your senses.

7. Inappropriate working location: You work at a place where there is constant movement of people. Yon just can't concentrate on your work.

8. Air-conditioning: it is not at the optimum level. Sometimes it is too cold and at another time it is not cold enough.

9. Workplace location: The place where you work is inconveniently located. Either it is next to a busy junction where the traffic is heavy or the place is secluded. It poses a danger to you when you come to work and go home after work everyday.

Do you see your sources of stress here? What can you do to reduce the stress?

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