Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Getting Your Job Done at the Workplace - 3 Top Tips

How do you get your work done so that it is completed in the shortest time with the least trouble but without scarifying quality of work?

Here are the 3 top tips:

1. Be a good organizer: A good organizer is able to look at the big picture and arrange his staff, equipment and the limited time to fit into the most orderly and productive working pattern. A good organizer plans ahead and he follows the plan. With a plan he sets specific goals that he is able to measure his progress at regular intervals. He knows the right things to do rather doing things right. He installs simple procedures for every one to follow so that work gets done smoothly, effectively and with the least problems.

2. Effective use of time: When you are at work your time is limited. In order not to waste valuable time take note of the following points:

• Plan ahead: When you plan ahead and allocate the workload well your job gets done in the smoothest way and done right the first time. Proper planning and effective use of time go hand in hand.

• Do first thing first: Do the most important things first and do not be sidetracked by unimportant interruptions.

• Delegate more of your work: Allow your subordinates to do the routine job and you can have more precious time to plan ahead.

3. Setting schedules and Meeting deadlines: As an executive you set up schedules and get things done through other people according to an agreed time frame. Without a deadline there is a natural tendency for people to slack off. With a due date the workers keep themselves busy and productive and you get the desired results. So, every time when there is something to be done always put it down in writing the following:

• The specific task to be done
• Assign the people responsible to do it
• Set realistic completion date

Getting things done smoothly with the minimum hassle is the result of advance planning, good organization and proper allocation of work within the prescribed time. It also means effective use of valuable time at work.

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