Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fuel Saving - 15 Top Tips

While it is great news that the petrol prices are coming down slowly, it is also prudent to maintain, to use and to drive your car in such a way that you can improve mileage further. Here are the top 15 tips as recommended by experts:

1. Fuel efficient vehicle: For a start purchase a fuel efficient vehicle especially a small car with a manual transmission.

2. Extra weight: Remove unnecessary items in your car. Extra weight means extra petrol consumption.

3. Close the windows: Closed windows will reduce drag and improve fuel economy.

4. Fuel tank level: Pump petrol as soon as it is one quarter empty. The later you pump means extra work on the car’s systems.

5. Tire pressure: Maintain the tire pressure at optimum level for better fuel savings.

6. Wheels: Use the normal-sized wheels instead of wide wheels as more friction will greatly reduce fuel efficiency.

7. Regular maintenance: Your maintenance should include changing of engine oil. Remember to check spark plugs, fuel filter and air filter.

8. Air-conditioning: Turn off the air-conditioner whenever possible for fuel savings.

9. Pump petrol: Do refill early in the morning or late in the evening because gasoline is densest under coolest time of the day.

10. Driving style: Drive smoothly. Do not brake or accelerate hard. Always use higher gears.

11. Waiting: Turn off the engine when you know it is going to take a while.

12. Check alignment: When your alignment is in order you will improve engine drag and in turn improve gas mileage with better performance

13. Avoid high speed: As you increase your speed your aerodynamic drag also increases thereby increase fuel consumption.

14. Cruse control: Over a long distance a constant speed often saves gas.

15. Avoid short journeys: Cold cars consume more petrol. You save considerable amount by walking for short distances.

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