Friday, November 21, 2008

Leadership - 5 Effective Ways to Lead Your Staff


All leaders are managers but not all managers are leaders. Here are the 5 effective ways to lead your staff:

Set a Good Example: Setting a good example is a powerful tool because your workers observe your actions as you go about your daily work. As an example, you want your staff to come on time and you are late you don't expect your staff to listen to you any more. You take it easy when the boss is not around .You don’t expect your people to act differently when you are not around. Example has more followers than reason as pointed out by Christian Bovee.

Honesty is the best policy: Your subordinates expect you to be truthful, straightforward and have their interests at heart. Some executives only tell the staff what they want to know and not the complete story. Communicate clearly and don't mislead the staff and always deliver what you have promised. There is a saying: Half a fact is a whole falsehood.

Appreciation: Most workers do not mind working hard but they expect their effort to be recognized and appreciated. Whenever you notice a job well done remember to show your sincere appreciation. Do not wait until they goof off and you try to harp them. This is the worst option to motivate your people. Be quick to praise. People like to praise those who praise them.

Avoid Intimidation: Do not apply pressure or create fear among the staff. It is counter productive. The staff will spend more time worrying about their jobs than doing their work. Staff are motivated by persuasion, encouragement and the promise of some reward.

Treat all staff equally: Do not play favoritism because it will create jealousy and resentment among the workers. Assign work fairly and reward the staff based on performance only. When you treat staff equally you create teamwork among the staff themselves.

According to Jack Welch, a business executive, the world will belong to passionate, driven leaders - people who not only have enormous amounts of energy, but who can energize those whom they lead.

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