Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blog Directories and Your Blog

It's time for you to join some blog directories when your blog is filled with many pages of articles. When you join the directories you are getting a better exposure for your blog and you are able to get some one-way backlinks to your blog. You are also attracting other members of the blog directories to visit your site.

Here are some of the blog directories that I find interesting:

Webring: When you join Webring you can participate in their various communities such as Lifestyle Changes for Life, Blogs and Blogging and Creative Writing. For each community that you join, there is a backlink to your site. When you join four communities you have 4 links to your blog.

Bloggingfusion: This directory is able to tell the number of indexed pages by the various search engines, your PageRank, your Traffic Rank and many more things about your blog.

Technorita: It is more than a blog directory, it is a search engine searching for blogs. It has indexed 133 million blogs since 2002. It provides you with your authority rating, the bigger the number the better your authority on the topics that your have blogged about. It also gives you your blog ranking among all blogs.

Mybloglog; It tracks your latest articles that you have posted up to 25 days.
Every article listed is a one-way link to your site. When your blog is related to heath you can join this exclusive directory. And it rates your blog just like PageRank.

Blogtoplists: When you are a member you are able to see your popularity ranking among all members. Ranking is decided by unique visitors to your blog. Visitors can cast votes to increase your ranking too.

Malaysian blog directories: As a Malaysian I support Malaysian blog directories. I am a member of and

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