Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sitemap, Search Engines, Feed, Ping and Your Blog

When you have a new blog you should do the following:

1. Submit your sitemap
2. Submit your blog to search engines
3. Submit feed
4. Submit ping


When you launch a blog the first thing to do is to submit your sitemap to the four major search engines. They are Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask. When you submit the sitemap of your blog you allow the four biggest search engines to know your entire site. This is also to allow the search engines to identify the pages and content of the site. When your site is indexed it will facilitate search engines to do a better searching job. When someone looks for particular information using certain search words and when the search words match with your key words the search engine is able to retrieve your content and present it to the searcher.

Search engines

Before you submit your blog or site to search engines you enter your site into their search query. When your site appears in this search results it means your site has been indexed and is not necessary to submit you site again. You can consider submitting your site to Alexa, Cuil and Wikia beside the four biggest search engines.


When you have a feed at your site you allow users to subscribe to your blog posts. You can submit your feed to many feed directories. Here is just a short list:


This is my feed: http://allaboutlivingwithlife.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/full
You can verify your feed at http://feedvalidator.org


When you ping you notify the services that you have updated your blog and they can crawl your site and index your pages and publish your latest blog posts. You can do your pinging at pingoat, feedspings and many other sites to, among others, the following for free:


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