Monday, November 24, 2008

Communicating With Your Staff - 3 Top tips

It is vitally important to keep the staff posted about things that affect them, their department or their company- good or bad. A free flow of information will improve morale and productivity.

Here are the 3 tips to improve communications:

1. Communicate clearly, fully and regularly: It is always good to talk to the staff face to face clearly and fully about an issue, so that you can get immediate feedback from the staff on the spot. Communication is a two-way process that involves listening and responding to messages as well as giving them.

2. Giving order: Giving orders are not as simple as it sounds because it may not be carried out correctly. It is good to ask the people to repeat your instructions in their own words. It is also important to encourage them to ask questions. The other aspect is about the way you give the orders. The best way to give an order is to ask the person to do something rather than telling him. It's an order anyway but it is more pleasant to the order taker. It’s a good habit to offer a brief explanation when you want something done. When the instruction is fully understood the chances of making mistake are greatly reduced. It is also necessary for you to follow up to see that it is done accordingly. It is better to correct a small problem than a big problem later. When the instruction is carried out remember to show your appreciation as soon as possible.

3. Effective writing: When it is necessary for you to communicate in writing take note of the following points:

• You must have a very clear idea about the subject to write.
• Get to the point quickly with a very short introduction.
• Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and use simple words.
• Try as far as possible to put them in bullet points.
• Write naturally like the way you talk to someone in front of you. It’s friendlier.

As you move up the corporate ladder your ability to communicate clearly, precisely and briefly in spoken and written words is one of the most important skills.

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