Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Leadership - 7 Effective Tips

Leadership - 7 Effective Tips

Leaders are concerned about getting the job done and managing the people doing the work so that they are motivated positively to produce good results. The trick is to balance the two well.

Here are the 7 tips:

1. Be Competent: As an expert in your field you are automatically given a certain amount of authority. People will listen to you to get the job done. The more able you are the more willing the staff will follow your direction

2. Human relationships: Treat your staff like normal human beings and be a good listener. Your staff will respect you more when they can discuss their problems with you. Be honest and truthful to the staff.

3. Do less and supervise more: Delegate more of your work by training and coaching the workers. Encourage them to make independent decisions and give them more assignment when they are more capable. Check their work from time to time and show your appreciation when a job is done.

4. Take initiative: When something needs to be done and you have the authority just go ahead and do it. Do not pass the problem to your boss and to be told what to do

5. Stress management: Stress at the workplace is inevitable. When you have a problem do what you can to tackle it and move on to the next one. This is the practical way out rather than just worrying about the problems

6. Lifelong learning: In order to stay on top of what is going on you need to constantly expose yourself to new ideas that affect your job. New concepts, new practices and new procedures are continuously replacing the old ways of doing things. Keeping yourself up-to-date by ongoing learning is the only way to survive in the corporate world.

7. Be Healthy and fit: As a leader your job is demanding. A fit and healthy body and mind are definitely essential to cope with the workload and the pressure from the people at the workplace. One of the reasons why Obama is chosen as the next president of America is because he is younger, more energetic and fitter.

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