Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Pressure from the People at the Workplace

While the work itself and the working environment are stressful the pressure from the people at the workplace is even greater.

1. When you are in the good book of the boss your staff envy you outwardly but actually they are trying to sabotage you and make your life miserable.
2. You are being isolated from the rest of the team. They are worried that you will report their performance to the boss.
3. When you are good to the staff you find difficulties to reprimand those who do not perform.
4. Your boss gives you a deadline for an assignment but your subordinates give you all sorts of excuses to take leave. They are not cooperating with you.
5. Your staff override you and report directly to your boss.
6. Your staff‘s performance are outstanding but their salary increments are not commensurate with their productivity and they ask you to appeal to your boss on their behalf. As the company is facing cash flow problems you are under tremendous pressure to motivate the good staff.
7. There are limited vacancies to promote good staff in order to keep them in the company.

Here are a few ways to manage stress at the workplace:

1. Stop working: When the pressure is overwhelming, leave the work aside temporarily. Relax you mind by doing meditation.
2. Change your thinking: Replace your negative thinking with positive thoughts.
3. Do the right things: Do what you believe is the right way to do and in the long run you will gain the support of the staff. Do not be disturbed by rumors.
4. A balanced life: Leave your work at the workplace, do not bring it home.
5. Spice up your life: Take up a hobby or an interest outside of your work
6. Health is No.1: Remember to take care of your health. With a healthy body and mind you can work smarter, better and more effective.

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