Monday, July 2, 2012

Quick, Easy and Effective Way to Relieve Tired Eyes and Body

Are you staring at the computer screen all day long? Your are tired, your neck is stiff and your back is aching.

When you are at the PC, Just spend 3 to 5 minutes every hour to do it and you will feel better:

 Quick, Easy and Effective Way to Relieve Tired Eyes and Body

Hold your fists as indicated in the picture; rub the two points of your two fists against the table to and fro. It is that simple.

The acupuncture point as shown is linked to vital organs in your body. By applying acupressure or massaging on this particular point, you will prevent hunchback, stiff neck, back pain. It also protects your eyesight, relieves tiredness and boosts your energy. You can even do it while you stop at a red light. While other drivers are fuming and feeling restless, your rub the two points against the steering wheel to calm your nerve.  

Acupressure is a healing practice in China for over 3000 years by massaging pressure points as those used in acupuncture. Generally it is applied to improve your body’s healing powers, increase vitality, prevent illness and balance the flow of energy through the meridians (energy channels) of your body.

Please provide feedback for the benefits of everyone.

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  1. I work the whole day 7 times a week in front of the computer and my eyes sometimes really gives up and back aches. Then I read this article and tried this out, it's amazing I cannot feel much of the pain anymore and it makes me awake all the time.


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