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10 Ways to be Healthy and Happy

10 Ways to be Healthy and Happy

Well-being is about your health and happiness. Here are 10 ways to feel on top of the world:

  1. Healthy eating habit:  WHO recommends the following:

    • achieve energy balance and a healthy weight (see No.3)
    • limit energy intake from total fats and shift fat consumption away from saturated fats to unsaturated fats and towards the elimination of trans-fatty acids
    • increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, and legumes, whole grains and nuts
    • limit the intake of free sugars
    • limit salt (sodium) consumption from all sources and ensure that salt is iodized

Do not skip your breakfast. When you eat, take your time to enjoy the food. Eat more often at home and reduce eating out at fast food outlets.

2.       Water: Water makes up more than two thirds of human body weight. It is essential to maintain your health and energy. It cleanses the toxins in your body. It is important to be hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. Have a glass of water first thing in the morning and before you go to sleep.

3.       Exercise: Be physical active to burn as much energy as you eat, and try to eat as much energy as you burn, so as to maintain a balance between those two. Exercise such as jogging promotes alertness and energy in you. You will feel good about yourself to face challenges in life.

4.       Attitude: How you feel and how you do things are governed by your thoughts. Be motivated by encouraging words so that your thinking is influenced positively. Looking at the bright side of things builds confidence in you and it is a healthy way to response to negative events in life.     

5.       Getting connected: Loneliness creates boredom and depression. Get connected with happy and positive people and behave the way they do. Friendship is for mutual support, be interested in your friends and you will get them interested in you.

6.       Sleep: There is no better way than a good night’s sleep to repair damages done to your body after a hard day’s work. It is the best way to recharge your energy and getting refreshed in body and mind. Insufficient sleep will impact your productivity adversely.

7.       Relaxation: To unwind is to release stress and reduce tension while working. Relaxation brings the balance you need to lead a normal life. Take a nap, listen to music, mediate or do nothing to regain your sanity. 

8.       Peace of mind: Fill your heart with love and kindness is the way to get peace of mind. Jealousy and resentment will create turbulence in your mind and you will be restless.

9.       Calmness: Live now, don’t be disturbed by the past or worry about the future. Focus and immerse yourself in what you are doing now.  To loosen up and get peace of mind will also promote calmness in you.

10.    Financial freedom: Don’t get into debt and allow your freedom to be restricted. To live freely is to live within your means and be contented with what you have and not thinking of wanting more.   

Happiness is good for your health and health is also good for your happiness. Be healthy and be happy.

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