Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Have Recovered From Google Update

In my previous article, I Have Been Hit By Google Update Innocently , I suffered traffic losses in April and May. However, when Google’s update stabilized in June, I have recovered from it. In fact my traffic for the month of July is projected to reach 9500 page views to equal if not better than February.  


 My Alexe Traffic Rank as at July 18, 2012 is at its best at 175019 for 1-month and 227989 for 3-month. In May it was at its worst at 270000 for 3-month. However, my PageRank remains stable at 3 in 2012.

Take-home messages:

·         No fear: There is nothing to fear about when you are not participating in black hat SEO techniques that are used to get higher search rankings in unethical ways. It is also needless to worry about when you are not selling links. If my site had gone against the webmaster guidelines, it would not have recovered at all. In fact my site has bounced back quickly. 

·         Do what is right: During the two months in April and May, I continued to write as usual for the readers at one article a day. I seldom do keyword research. I just use the most appropriate words in my article to convey my message fully, clearly and in simple words.  Words most likely are used by visitors to look for information on the Net.

·         Focus on your visitors: When you pay attention and deliver the best possible user experience on your website, you will attract more visitors and convert them into your followers and subscribers.           

Blogging is challenging. I enjoy the thrill and the excitement of scaling new heights.

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