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30 Effective Ways to Relieve Stress

30 Effective Ways to Relieve Stress

When you are in control of your life, you can avoid or reduce stress. Here are the things that you can do to get things done smoothly and some tips to cope with stressful situations:

1.      Start a new day early: This is a story in the news: A 5-year boy allegedly left for 6 ½ hours in his mother’s vehicle was found dead by the woman on Tuesday. It is understood that the mother, a primary school teacher in her 40s, usually sent R. Sharnaath Kumar to kindergarten before heading for work. However, she was pressed for time that day and rushed straight to school. When she got to the school in Bandar Baru Uda at 7am, she switched off the engine and proceeded to the teachers’ room and class. It was understood that Sharnaath Kumar was asleep in the multipurpose vehicle at the time. About 1.30pm, school staff saw the women running frantically to her car, which was parked near the canteen, screaming her son’s name. A canteen staff, who wanted to be known only as Hamat, said he saw the teacher scream when she found her son sprawled on his back in the back seat frothing at the mouth. Investigations revealed that Sharnaath Kumar’s eyes were open and he was bleeding from the nose. In the following day there is another headline: Mother may be charged over death in car.

The take-home message: Start a new day early to avoid rushing about and getting stressful. In this story, being early saves a life.

2.      Avoid clutter at home and in the office: It is stressful if you cannot find something you are looking for at home or in the office because things are every way and disorganized.

3.      Appliances in good repair: When an item is out of order, get it repaired right away. You will avoid getting emotional when you want to use an item that you have not sent for repair.

4.      Get connected with happy people: Avoid anxiety and stress by getting connected with positive people who are happy and cheerful.

5.      Plan and organize: It is a good habit to be prepared. It involves planning and organizing. This is to avoid getting something done in the last minute in a rush and make mistakes.

6.      One task at a time: Don’t get stressful by multitasking. Pay attention and do one thing at a time. It is smarter, easier and faster to get a job done.   

7.      Do the thing you don’t like to do first: Do not let something you dislike doing to nag you. Do it and get over with it and get peace of mind. 

8.      Be flexible: Do not look for perfection. Do the best you can and carry on with the next task.

9.      Discuss with friends about your problems: Don’t keep a problem to yourself, open up, talk to someone you can trust and you will feel better.

10.   Do what you like every day: What is a fun and pleasurable to do? Do it daily to unwind and protect your sanity.

11.  Be alone: Spending some time alone every day is a way to release stress and reduce tension.  You will imagine and visualize yourself in a serene and peaceful spot and feeling good.

12.  To-do list: It is the best tool for you to take charge of your life. You will avoid small staff and do what is important for the day in an orderly manner.  Get it ready the day before.

13.  Deep breathing: Try and breathe deeply and slowly. It is a great way to loosen up.

14.  Say No: Do not over commit and be overwhelmed. Do what you think is meaningful to you and is manageable.

15.  Take it easy: There will be long queue or traffic jam every now and then. Read a book when waiting for your turn or listen to motivational speech when you are caught in a crawl.     

16.  Avoid noise pollution: Avoid noisy surrounding to disturb your calm mind and avoid getting irritated.

17.  Take a shower: It is a great way to refresh yourself when you are feeling down and out 

18.  Sleep sufficiently: You will get angry and agitated easily when you have not had enough sleep.

19.  Make dietary changes: To cope with stress effectively consume less sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

20.  Exercise: To exercise is to be fit and energetic. It is the best way to cope with stress in life. 

21.  Massage: Pamper yourself with a soothing massage. It is an effective way to relax.

22.  Ginseng and green tea: Native Americans used American ginseng for nervousness, because according to research it has calming effect. Drinking green tea daily has the same effect.

23.  Music: Listen to classical music to calm your mind and  nerve.

24.  Take breaks: Don’t work non-stop. Take a break to clear the clutter in your mind and restore your energy and concentration. Have a cup of coffee.  

25.  Meditate: Do Yoga or Tai Chi especially in the morning to start a new day in a delightful way.

26.  Deal with problems promptly: Don’t allow a problem to hang in your head. Deal with it and forget it.

27.  Walk your dog: Get out of the house, take in fresh air, bathe under the sun, get on the beach, go by the river or take a stroll in the park with your pet.

28.  Drink water: Water keeps you body hydrated. A shortage of water can lead to increased levels of a hormone called cortisol which is a stress hormone. Stress and dehydration are closely connected.

29.  Go slow: Eat, work and drive slowly. Getting things done too fast is the easier way to get stressful. Can you slow down?

30.  Be in the moment: Be interested in what you do and focus on the task at hand is a smart way to get things done. It is a way to avoid needless worrying or thinking about the past.     

Manage stress and live a healthier and happier life.

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