Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Getting Your Articles Noticed On the Net

Your posts are the main attraction to get readers to your blog. However you need to promote your articles to get noticed. The most important thing is to write for the readers and take advantage of SEO:    

Google AdWords Keyword Tool
·         Keywords: Using the right keywords in your articles is to facilitate your articles to be shown in the search engine result pages (SERP). These keywords are words used by searchers to look for specific information on the Net. Go to Google AdWords Keyword Tool to look for keywords for free.

·         Headlines: Google Adwords Keyword Tool can help you select a suitable title for your post. A headline is the most important thing for search engines to show relevant items to people looking for solutions to a problem or getting knowledge about a subject. Using the right words in your headline matching the search term used by readers is the way to show your pages on the Net. Another way is to do a search of your article title. The other day when I did an article with the title: Ways to Reduce Stress I noticed another relevant and more suitable word – relieve. So I changed my headline to Ways to Relieve Stress.    
   Emotional marketing value

·         Emotional marketing value: Another important aspect of your headline is the emotional marketing value. The higher the value the better it is to capture the attention of your readers emotionally.  

·         Content: You can look up Google Adwords Keyword Tool to choose a blog topic according to your niche. You may know all the keywords. But you must not use all of them in one article. It will be spammy. Write naturally, using suitable keywords appropriate for your article and not for the purpose of search engine ranking. When you write for search engines, you may not be using the right words to express your meaning fully. When your post is not written naturally readers will find out and they will not come to your site again. Actually when you write without looking at keywords, you are most likely to use the search terms of readers.   It is good to look up keywords just to make sure that you are using the right words to express your meaning clearly, fully and effectively. For the first time visitors they will get a good first impression when you write just for them and not to rank well in search engines.

Caution: When the readers are impressed by what you have written, they will subscribe to your future posts by email or your RSS feeds. You will be able to convert your first time visitors to become your royal fans or followers.  It is essential to get more direct traffic to your blog and not to depend too much on organic searches because frequent changes in search engine algorithms may affect traffic to your blog adversely.  

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  1. Are you talking about referral traffic from article directories?

    Or search engine traffic, because if that was the case you'd need some backlinking efforts into this too in order to get noticed on SE, right?

    Nice analytical post though :)

  2. You are right, inbound links are important for SEO.


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