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7 Painless Ways To Get Vigorous At Work

This is a guest post by Harrison Li:
7 Painless Ways To Get Vigorous At Work

Realizing time is too short?
Think that you will never have enough time for your personal pursuits, hobbies and freedom?
Productivity is something we all want to maximize; how can you get more work done, of better quality, with the same amount of time you get every day?
The following are seven measly little tips that help you do more work, and do better work:

1. Stay offline, thoroughly
The number one time killer is the internet.
Technology is two-sided, it helps make our lives easier, on the other hand it distracts us from focusing.
This point is specifically aimed at those who work on the computer, get offline. No, that doesn't mean closing your browser, that means unplugging the actual cable from your machine.
Or turn off the wireless card (for laptops).

2. Declutter your workspace
Clean up your working environment will improve your ability to focus.
Here's what you should do: everything you see in your room, ask yourself this question "how is this going to maximize my productivity?", and if it doesn't, you know what to do.
Get rid of them.
Minimize objects of wants, and keep the items you need.

3. Start with the toughest
And work your way towards the bottom of the hill.
By eliminating the hardest barriers first, you'll conserve sufficient energy for other smaller tasks, because we always have the most energy in the beginning.
Save the relaxing for the end, because at the end you'll literally get to relax.

4. Sleep early, wake up early
What you are capable to do is determined by the energy you have, and that can only be recovered from a good night's sleep.
Sleep is everything.
It determines your health, your ability to focus, your overall performance...etc.
Problem is, most people sacrifice this recovery to trade for practical time, what would you choose? Try naps.

5. Set the most important tasks
One word: prioritize.
Find three tasks you believe are the most important of everything and set them at the top of your schedule, nothing else.
Once you have finished these three tasks, then head off to smaller bits of work.

6. Time yourself and break
Let's get realistic, we all need breaks.
Yeah sure, you may be able to push yourself, but in the long run this is negative. Why?
  • It hinders work efficiency.
  • Lowers work quality.
  • Blurs concentration and focus.
Just to name a few. It's better off to get a 15-30 minutes break after a period of hard work.

7. Do it fully
Understand what to do at the right moment.
If it's a break, relax fully, if it's work time, work fully.
If you want to produce the maximum results and achieve the best, you must ignore all that is unnecessary around you, and focus 100% only on the task you're doing.
And that means no mobile phones, no music, no anything that does not help you in your work.
Imagine yourself on a plane, all you can do is sit there and work with no internet access. Thus, forcing yourself to work.

Summing these handy tips up...
  • Disconnect yourself from the internet
  • Simplify your workspace and get rid of useless things
  • Start with your toughest tasks
  • Maintain good sleeping patterns (8 hours is great)
  • Prioritize your 3 most important tasks to do first
  • Time yourself of work time then take a break
  • Do what you are doing fully with 100% focus
I'm sharing 7 tips with you; care to share 1 with me? Let me know your best productivity trick in the discussion below.

I’m Harrison Li; I talk about life improvement, getting results, managing wealth and relationships. See something new at Mind Fuels – a place of simpleness.

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