Wednesday, July 4, 2012

10 Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog on the Net

10 Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog on the Net

There are more and more interesting places on the Net to promote your blog and your brand. Here are the ten places to get your blog noticed by others: 

1.      eBook: I have written in a previous article about writing an eBook  using your blog posts because Amazon are selling  more eBooks  than physical books and people are catching on the trend to use eReaders for reading.  An eBook will more than promote your blog. You will establish yourself as a blogger, writer, publisher and an author. 

2.      Kindle Blog publishing: In my previous article  I have written about selling your blog subscription to Kindle owners.  It is a great way to promote your blog and make money. After all it is free. Please visit my page at Amazon.

3.      Pinterest: As long as you have images in your blog posts, you can pin your articles to Pinterest.  Pinterest is the most popular place to be on the Net. You will receive visitors to your blog when you pin your popular articles. You should also pin beautiful images and valuable articles from other sites to get readers interested in your boards and pins.  You will notice that there is a button linking to my blog beside my photo when you visit my page.

4. It is the hottest place to promote your blog because the trending word is curation. Curate your popular posts according to your curated topics. The other thing you must do is that you curate the best articles on the Net to benefit readers and your followers. Do it daily and be a great curator. Check out what I have curated.

5.      Guest posts: It is one effective way to get those readers who have not been to your blog to drop by. Do a killer article and send to one of the relevant top bloggers. When it is accepted, you will get new visitors to your blog. This is one of guest posts: 10 Productive Ways to Live a Simple Life with Technology .

6.      SlideShare: You can turn your blog posts into many slide presentations at SlideShare.  Create a link to your blog at the end of the slide to attract readers to visit your blog like what I have done in one of my presentations.  

7.      <Facebook:: When you have posted a new article, ping it to Facebook.  People will click the link and go to your blog and read your latest article.

8.      Twitter: At the same time tweet your new post so that your followers will visit your blog and read your latest post.  

9.      Google+: Just like Facebook and Twitter, update your new posts regularly to attract more  people to your blog

10.  Press Releases: Do you know that you can get up to three clickable inks to your blog with just one press release? Look at one of my press releases: 7 Laws of Teh Hong Piow’s Success. It will cost you $1 for each post with clickable links.

How do you promote your blog in the Net?

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