Friday, July 13, 2012

10 Positive Ways to Get Things Done

10 Positive Ways to Get Things Done

Time is always limited, getting the most important things done every day is crucial. Here are productive ways to do so:

1.       Passionate: When you are passionate about your job, you are enthusiastic and excited to get things done. Your mind is focused and you are not easily distracted. Are you passionate about what you do every day?

2.       Energetic: Do important tasks when your energy is at its peak. When you are calm and feeling good especially in the morning, you perform your best. Act before you run out of steam.

3.       Plan and organize: To plan and organize is to work in an orderly manner and save time. A to-do list is an essential tool. It allows you to be in control and manage your daily activities effectively. Do you prepare in advance a to-do list every day to get things done?

4.       One task at a time: Multitasking is stressful and more likely to make mistakes. The quickest way is to pay attention just on one task at a time. It is more efficient.

5.       Taking breaks: Work will be tiring and stressful if you do not stop and take breaks from time to time. Take a break to relax your mind, regain your energy and resume your work.

6.       Balanced life: A productive life is a balanced life. It is not just working long hours to get more done. You need to spend time to exercise and be healthy and fit. You also need to spend time at home. Getting rested and relaxed is essential to recharge your body to start another new day freshly.

7.       Discipline: Avoid delay and start working according to your plan every day.  Getting started is difficult so it is important to build your momentum and get things done.

8.       Deadline: Adopt an urgency to get things done. Give yourself a deadline for each task. If you don’t, you will take a much longer time to finish a job.

9.       Delegate: Get your children to share household chores at home. In the office delegate some of your work. Groom your staff to take on more responsibilities. You don’t have the time to do everything yourself. Share the workload.

10.   Simplify: Avoid complication at work. Looking for ways to get things done in a quick and easy way is the way to be productive. 

Work smart and get the right things done every day. 

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