Thursday, July 12, 2012

7 More Characteristics of a Good Employer

7 More Characteristics of a Good Employer

A good employer believes in fair dealing. It is a win-win situation to look after the interest of the employees so that they will feel good to do their best for the employer.   
Here are 7 more ingredients of a good employer: 

1.       Managing human assets: Treat all staff as valuable members of the organization, show respect, fairness and courtesy to them. They will, in turn, be inspired to treat customers with care and concern.  Show an interest in your employees and get to know them better by asking about their family and listening to their problems. Provide bright, comfortable and peaceful environment at work for employees to do a better job. Most importantly, match their strengths to the right jobs to bring out their best.

2.       Clear goals and expectations from the company: They are interested to know the mission and goals of the company.  Set out in clear and certain terms what to expect from the employees. Keep people informed of development on a regular basis. Get them involved in decision making so that it is easier to make changes effectively. 

3.       Opportunities for advancement based on performance: Create opportunities for growth especially for those employees who are performing well.  Promote only those who are deserving to signal to all employees that you have to put in effort to be rewarded.    

4.       Compliments:  Take notice of good work and praise in public, but punish in private. Show sincere appreciation and acknowledge a job done well.  A pat on the back at the right moment is the way to provide immediate motivation.

Be quick to praise, people like to praise those who praise them.
Bernard M. Baruch

5.       Mentoring: Be an expert in what you do and inspire employees with your skills. Discover their hidden potential; provide support and coaching to groom them into future executives.

6.       Education, training and skill development:  Promote further education and help employees to excel. Getting them to be engaged and productive employees is the way to go.  

7.       Encourage initiative and creativity:  Trust your employees to get things done in their own ways because job satisfaction is the key to motivation. Solving problems through initiative and creativity is the greatest joy at work because there is a personal feeling of accomplishment. Initiative and creativity are the ways to get ideas and work improvement from employees.

Look for the best in your employees and they will look after your business.

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