Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7 Things to Avoid and be Happy

7 Things to Avoid and be Happy

Happiness is what we aim for in life.  Thinking positive and doing the right things will attract happiness. Doing the opposite will repel happiness. Here are the things in life that you should avoid so that you can stay happy.

1.      Avoid being materialistic: Yes, you are happy when you have got a new gadget. The happiness will not last long because a newer gadget is available in the marketing and you are thinking of getting it.  The thought of it will make you miserable. The only way out is to stop thinking about it and to appreciate what you have and be happy.  

2.      Avoid postponing your happiness: You will only be happy when you can achieve something great in the future. In the meantime you forget to enjoy and celebrate the small successes daily. Life is to live from moment to moment here and now. Enjoy what you do now and capture the happiness within. You will not regret later when you are old and fragile. 

3.      Avoid greediness: Learn to be contented in life. You will never be satisfied when you want more and more. You may not get it or you may get cheated.  Don’t allow your happiness to be attached to things.  Be free and happy.

4.      Avoid jealousy: Don’t compare your life with others.  It is the sure way to invite discontentment and jealousy. Live your way of life and be happy as what you are.

5.      Avoid being pessimistic: You are doing the same thing day in and day out because the outlook is bleak and you feel groom and doom about the future. It will discourage you from taking action and making changes. If you don’t try, you will miss the chance to experience it and be thrilled or be successful.  

6.      Avoid being disorganized: Do you feel suffocated, restless and uneasy because of all the staff at home?  Clutter at home will bring you unhappiness because it contributes to an unsettled state of mind and take away the feeling of a relaxed home. Get organized and get peace of mind at home.

7.      Avoid living aimlessly: Having an aim in life allows you to look forward to the future with hope and expectations. You will get up each morning and get excited to get things done. You will fill your life with enthusiasm and energy because there is a direction to follow. 

Avoid getting into a state of unhappiness.

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