Saturday, July 28, 2012

Publish your First eBook at Smashwords and Be Noticed Globally

 7 Effective Ways to Live a Happy and Successful Life

When you have published your first eBook at Amazon, it is wise to circulate your eBook and reach a global audience. So your next move is to upload your eBook and publish on Smashwords.

·         The benefits: Your eBook is distributed to online retailers such as Apple (distribution to iBookstores in 32 countries), Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, WH Smith in the UK and FNAC (both powered by Kobo), the Diesel eBook Store,  eBooks Eros (operated by Diesel), Baker & Taylor (Blio and the Axis360 library service) and Page Foundry (operates retail sites and; operates Android ebook store apps for Cricket Wireless and Asus). Your book is also given an International Standard Book Number for free. This is my ISBN: 9781476494623 for my eBook, 7 Effective Ways to Live a Happy and Successful Life. You can Google it and check out my first eBook.

·         The process: Before you do anything, read Smashwords Style Guide . This free guide offers simple step-by-step instructions to create, format and publish an ebook. As usual, you use Word to create your eBook. However there is a difference in saving the file before you upload to Samshwords. For Amazon kindle  you save the file as “Web page, filtered” and for Smashwords you save as “Word 97-2003 document”

·         Important: Read The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success. It is free. According to Mark Coker, the author, these secrets will help you become a more professional, more successful writer and publisher.

Get your eBook published at Amazon and Smashwords for worldwide coverage.  

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