Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quick and Easy Way to Publish an eBook

Amazon Kindle fire

More and more people are buying eReaders such as Kindle and Nook
Those With E-book Readers Read 40% More Than Physical Book Readers and E-books are the fastest-growing area of book sales, especially for youngsters,

As There is a great demand for eBooks, do you know that your blog posts are a ready-made eBook? Have you written, say, over a thousand articles? Here are the ways to turn your blog posts into one or more eBooks:

1.      Select a title for your first eBook:  As I write about living with life, my first eBook is an overview of several subjects such as health, work, personal finance, family, relationships, self development and happiness.   When the first eBook is done, I can expand and write more in-depth eBooks covering   each topic in my first eBook.  You should do the same so that you can publish several eBooks without running out of ideas.      

2.      Choose relevant articles from your blog: My blog platform is Blogger. It is able to tell me the number of views for each article. So, it is easy for me to choose relevant and popular posts for my eBook. However, it is necessary to combine and revise several articles to suit one particular chapter.     

3.      Use Word to write your eBook: You can write your eBook using Word. It allows you to convert your files into eBook formats such as ePub, an open industry standard and Mobipocket, the format used by Amazon.

4.      Selling: Consider selling your first eBook to Amazon and Apple iBookstore because Amazon sells the most digital books and Apple sells the most iPads. You also need to consider the selling price of your book. For Kindle, you can choose either a royalty of 35% starting at $0.99 per book or 70% royalty starting at $2.99 per book.

5.      Promotion: Promote your first eBook on your blog and social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. Tell your friends and do a press release. 

As I have just started working on my first eBook. I will provide more details as I go along.

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