Saturday, June 30, 2012

Are You Using a To-Do List?

Are You Using a To-Do List?

What can a to-do list do for you? It is more than just a way of getting things done. It will promote well-being in your life in many ways:

·     In control You are on top of things when you have a to-do list prepared the day before or early in the morning. As you have planned and organized the activities for the day, you will have allocated sufficient time to get each item in your list done in an orderly and unhurried way.    

·         Focus: A to-do-list brings focus into your life. You know what to do, which one is more important and when is the best time to get it done. You will avoid distracted and pay attention to what needs to be done.

·         Things you don’t like to do: A do-do list helps you develop a daily habit to do what you must do and which you dislike to do. If you do not do it or procrastinate, the item will remain in your list. Psychologically it will negatively affect your confidence and ability to get things done. The outstanding item will stare glaringly at you and you will have no choice but to get it done.

·         Productive: A to-do list is the greatest productivity tool. When you prepare the list you have already highlighted the most important item in the list. When it is done, you will achieve more than getting other not so important items done in your list. Moreover you will do it when your energy is at your peak. Planning and organizing are the way to achieve more in less time. 

·         Discipline: Do the list every day because it is a beneficial habit to acquire. It is a wonderful way to be motivated, get fulfilled and satisfied for what you can achieve in a day because you want to do it and you get it done.

Be simple and be effective. Just getting the list out on a piece of paper is more than enough to get things done. You need only one list to cover your daily activities. You can put it in your shirt pocket. You can look at it anytime anywhere.  You can revise the list when it is necessary to do so. When you have a bright idea just jot it down.

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