Thursday, June 14, 2012

15 Ways to Do and be Happy

 15 Ways to Do and be Happy

According to an article, Study: Glee from buying objects wanes, while joy of buying experiences keeps growing , you gain more happiness by doing. So what can you do to stay happy? It is simple and there are so many ways:

1.       Solve problems creatively: The thrill and excitement of overcoming difficult problems resourcefully will bring happiness and confidence in you. To be happy take the bull by the horns and confront problems directly.
2.       Enjoy your food: Even if it is a simple meal the way to do it is to sit down and savor the food. Eat slowly and chew each mouthful. Do nothing else like watching TV or reading newspaper to tantalize your taste buds and be happy.

3.       Go for a holiday: The happiness of the experience in seeing different people, eating different food and looking at breathtaking scenes is beyond words to describe. Even a family outing on a weekend is a fun and happy thing to do.
4.       Take a nap: The good feeling of an afternoon nap is always there. You feel fresh and relaxed after a deserving break. Doing it on a lazy Sunday afternoon is one of those happy moments.

5.       Do and accomplish what you like: Getting ideas and writing an article every day is a never- ending happiness for me. What do you enjoy doing? Get the happiness of doing it every day.

6.       Help your children in mathematics: Like solving a tough problem, helping your children in mathematics is challenging and satisfying. The trick is look for clues which are given and solve a problem intelligently and happily.

7.        Take a joy ride: Take a drive to another part of the town or to the country to discover new things and be delighted. Be inspired and get new ideas like writing a new article.  

8.       Exercise: Health and happiness are closely linked. Happiness is feeling calm, fresh and alert. Fitness is about feeling energetic and ready to take action.

9.       Do a good job: The only way to be happy at work is to do a job well. You do it painstakingly and you will be proud of your work. When it is done, it puts a smile on your face and happiness in your heart. 

10.   Acts of kindness: Kindness is always a wonderful source of happiness. Help without being   asked is the way to do.  Simple politeness of saying please and thank you will lift the spirits of others.  When you smile you make others happy and you too.

11.   Take action: Happiness is taking action and doing it. Take part in a contest, join the community, start your new project, work your plan. These are some of the productive things to do and be happy.  

12.   Do a budget and follow it: Happiness is the ability to manage your personal finance and not getting into debt. It is challenging and exciting to spend and you are happy to find out that there is money left over for a rainy day at the end of each month.    

13.   See your friend, talk and laugh out loud: Don’t stay alone and go online, instead get out and seek real friendship in the real world. Spending time together is a   wonderful source of happiness.  Reaching out to others is a great way to be happy.

14.   Shop: The happiness is doing the shipping for your essential items and not in acquiring material things. Spending money is always a pleasure but do it within your budget.

15.   Your pets: Your pet is more than your companion. A pet, such as a dog, gives you abundant happiness because it is a source of unconditional love for you. Play with it, or walk the dog. You provide support for your dog and you care for it and by doing it you generate happiness. 

Do it, experience it  and be happy every day.

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