Thursday, June 28, 2012

Are you Attracting Happiness?

 Are you Attracting Happiness?

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.
Dalai Lama

You are definitely in control of your life and happiness. What you do every day will impact your happiness greatly. Find out what you can do daily to attract happiness:  

1.      Health and fitness: Are you a couch potato or a physically active person? If you have been exercising regularly, you will definitely feel good about yourself because you will be energetic with a fresh and calm mind. Start moving your body today to regain your happiness.

2.      Coping well: How do you cope with setbacks and defeats in life?  It is important that you react positively to maintain your sanity and happiness. A positive outlook will view obstacles in life as challenges. You will be resilient and persistent to overcome problems with determination and resourcefulness. Happiness is the attitude of not giving up and the satisfaction of conquering difficulties in life.     

3.      Organized: Is your daily life organized? Do you know your priorities? Are you ready to tackle the most important thing in the morning?  Happiness is the power within you to get organized and get things done. Be focused on one task at a time and be happy.  

4.      Live now: Are you living in regrets or worrying about the future and forgetting about living in the present?  What can you do with the past and future? Change your mindset and live fully now. Learn to pay attention and enjoy what you do. Work with concentration, eat slowly and play heartily.

5.      Passion: When you wake up in the morning, how do you feel? If you are enthusiastic to start a new day, there is passion in your life.  There is a direction because you have goals to achieve. You look forward to do things that make you happy. What is your purpose in life? Identify your dreams, be inspired, live your aspirations and be happy.

6.      Gratitude: Do you grumble that you have been treated unfairly in life?  You control your thinking. Learn to appreciate yourself and the people around you more. Treasure what you have and think less of your wants. Focus on your strengths and develop your potential and live a better life. Happiness is thankful of your existence and developing an appreciation of your life in this world. 

7.      Personal development: Are you in the rut and doing the same old thing day in and day out.  Take a chance, do something different and make changes in your life. Break away from your routine and improve your life. One sure way to be happy is to keep learning new things. Learning opens your mind to accept changes easily. Happiness is about stimulating your mind with new ideas and getting a more vibrant outlook in life.

8.      Money: Money will surely contribute to your happiness. But money is also a source of misery in your life. Are you able to manage your personal finance so that you do not get into debt?  Control your spending and be happy so that every month there is left over for a rainy day.

9.      Home: What do you do at home? To attract more happiness you watch less TV and help out more in household chores. You communicate more with your spouse and children. You pay attention to your children’s homework. While they do their homework, you do reading to motivate and inspire them to work hard.  By giving yourself to the family, you attract happiness at home.

10.  Connection: Are you reaching out to others? Getting connected is a great way to be happy. You share your joy with others and you make yourself happier. When you share your sorrow with others, you reduce your emotional burden. To connect is also a wonderful way to learn from others as much as allowing others to learn from you.  

Do the right things every day to attract happiness. 

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