Monday, June 18, 2012

Are You Unemployed or Unemployable?

Are You Unemployed or Unemployable?

When you are unemployed, it may mean that jobs are scarce and openings are few. You are employable but you cannot get one. On the other hand an unemployable person is someone who is not suitable to be employed even though there are jobs available.
Those unemployable are among the fresh graduates. Academically they do well, but some other things are lacking in them:

·         Marketable skills: You can study in a subject that you are interested, but more importantly the knowledge and skills you are going to acquire must be in demand. Check online and find out what is trending in the business world.  Go for evergreen courses such as accountancy and nursing.

·         Basic soft skills: It is not surprising to find newly employed who do not show politeness. They don’t greet you when they see you, let alone a smile.  Saying please and thank you is hard to get.  They do not show up on time and they could be missing in action or a few days without prior notice.

·         Language skills: They are not proficient in English which is widely used in business and on the Net.  Effective communication is a problem at work.  

·         Enthusiasm: They do not find excitement in the job they do. May be they are not interested because they work to live. They find interest in other things in life.

·         Analytical skills: According to Wikipedia, analytical skill is the ability to visualize, articulate, and solve both complex and uncomplicated problems and concepts and make decisions that are sensical based on available information. It means they find it difficult to deal with problems for which they are expected to solve. 

Be employable and be employed.

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