Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6 Ways to Boost Your Well-Being

6 Ways to Boost your Well-Being

According to Time magazine, More than 3 out of every 10 Indians consider themselves to be “suffering”. The Gallup data, drawn from 5000 people spread over 90% of the country suggest that 56% of the population are struggling, 31% are suffering and only 13% are thriving. 

Well-being is about health and happiness. Are you suffering or struggling? Here are 6 ways to be thriving:

1.       Change: Are you struggling day in and day and making no progress in life? It is time to take risk and make changes in your life. You life will not get better by doing the same old thing every day.  Change your job, start a business of your own or do things differently.

2.       Learn: It is important to possess marketable skills. Learn and acquire relevant know-how to improve your livelihood. Be an expert in a specialized field. Learn from successful people.

3.       Connect: Getting to know and connecting to the right people is one effective way to open up opportunities for yourself. Be well-informed by joining groups relevant to your trade.

4.       Positive: A positive mental attitude is a choice. Choose to look at the bright side of things. Think confidently and be hopeful.   It is healthier and more successful to be optimistic and happy.

5.       Health:  People who are struggling are more likely to indulge in vices like drinking, smoking and gambling as negative ways to escape from depression and stress in life. Avoid such bad habits and build your health and fitness the wholesome way. Exercise daily, eat healthily, drink plenty of water and sleep sufficiently. Your mind will be calm and fresh and you will be fit and alert and energetic.     

6.       Money: When you incorporate savings into your budget and you follow your budget faithfully you will accumulate a substantial amount over time for investment and build wealth. Spending within your means and not comparing your life to others is the way to your financial health and happiness. Restrain your wants to avoid getting into debt. The excitement of more material things is only short-lived. Contentment is the way to lasting happiness.   

Do the right things and be thriving. 

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