Saturday, June 23, 2012

10 Ways Happy People are Productive People

10 Ways Happy People are Productive People

Happy people are smart and successful people. They get things done and they are happy to accomplish their tasks.

1.       Start their day right: They wake up and get up with a positive note .They are happy to welcome a new day and are anxious to get started because they have planned, organized and prioritized their day.

2.       Creative: Happy people are calm and relaxed. They are in a better frame of mind to create ideas.They are more likely to be resourceful at work and be more effective and efficient.   

3.       Work better with others: You are more incline to work with happy people because they are always in a good mood.  They smile at you and acknowledge your presence. Their cheerfulness is always a welcome sign for others. They put people at ease and work gets done smoothly.

4.       Solve problems: Happy people think clearly as they enjoy peace of mind.  Their upbeat behavior reacts to problems positively. They will overcome problems creatively. 

5.       Energetic: Happy people are enthusiastic, fit and alert because they care for themselves and they like the way they are. They feel good about themselves.

6.       Focused: Happy people live in the present. They work in the flow at one task at a time. They do what is important. They avoid distractions and small stuff.

7.       Confident: Happy people are sure of themselves because their outlook in life is optimistic. To them if there is a will there is a way. Their winning way is more likely to meet challenges in life successfully.

8.       Decisive: Happy people work promptly. They do not procrastinate and they do not hesitate to take risks in order to get things done.

9.       Interested to know more: Happy people are happy learners. They are always in the quest for more knowledge. It is their attitude to seek improvement and be more productive.

10.   Taking breaks: Happy people are smart people. They take time out to refresh their mind. They find happiness in indulging in a cup of coffee and chatting with coworkers to release stress and tension at work.    

Be happy. Be productive.

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