Saturday, June 16, 2012

Be Happy and be Productive in 10 Ways

Be Happy and be Productive in 10 Ways

According to an article, A new happiness equation: Worker + happiness = improved productivityhappiness is the way to be productive.

You, too, can be  productive because you are happy:

1.      Do it now: Happy people know what to do and they act at once according to thier to-do list. They do not hesitate or procrastinate. They are enthusiastic and get into the mood for work and get things done.

2.      Plan ahead: Happy people spend time to plan ahead. Getting things done orderly and smoothly is the way to be productive. They pay attention to things that matter and ignore small stuff  

3.      Early riser: Happy people are early riser. They like and enjoy what they do and they are excited to start a new day early. Getting up early is the way to avoid rushing about and there is time still for a leisurely breakfast which is the most important meal in a day.    

4.      Organized: Happy people avoid clutter so that they can work effectively. They do not multitask and get into a stressful situation and make mistakes. They prioritize and do what is important at one task at a time.

5.      Continuous learning: Happy people are interesting people. They like to explore and learn new things. In a way they are more knowledgeable and resourceful to get the right things done. 

6.      Be creative: Happy people are relaxed. They think calmly and clearly. It is easier for them to create more ideas that work.

7.      Change: Happy people are alert. They are quick to change and do thing differently and make progress.    

8.      Get connected: Happy people are clever to hang out with the right company. They look for people who are successful and learn  their  proven ways of success

9.      Act confidently: Happy people promote a positive frame of mind. They deal with problems confidently.  Being optimistic, they are more likely to resolve obstacles quickly and easily.   

10.  Focus: Happy people enjoy peace of mind. They are able to avoid distractions and work with focus. They are interested in what they do and they get into the flow. 

Productive achievement is a consequence and an expression of health, self-esteem, not its cause.
Nathaniel Branden

It is happiness that attracts productivity and in turn you get more happiness and success.    

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