Thursday, June 21, 2012

10 Things Y generation Employees Want

10 Things Y generation Employees Want

Y generation is people born between 1980 and 1995. They are called the "millennials." They are young, energetic, creative, well-educated, tech-savvy, pampered and they have fun and freedom. Their needs are different from baby boomers. These are the things they look for in a job:

1.       Competitive pay: They want a salary in line with their contributions. Pay is important to them because they have more debt such as student loans and credit cards.

2.       A trusted brand: They prefer to work in an influential establishment with social responsibilities.  

3.       A challenging job: They want to put into use what they have learnt in a challenging environment.

4.       Personal development: They look for growth. They are keen  to learn more and acquire more  skills

5.       Promotion: They value the opportunities to move up the corporate ladder. 

6.       To be noticed: They like to take initiative to get things done. So don’t order them but give them ideas.  They want to be recognized for their output.

7.       To be inspired: They like a boss who can motivate them. A skillful manager is required to lead them so that there is high engagement among the workers. They favor a nurturing corporate culture.

8.       Quality of life: They work to live. It is essential to look after their well-being because having fun while at work is important for them. When they go to work, they dress for comport.

9.       Technological tools: They are tech savvy. They work better with the latest technology.

10.   Flexible work: They work smarter not harder. They want telecommuting options. They also want the choice of working part-time or leave their job for a while when they have children.

The key is get to know them better, groom them, get them involved, reward them and inspire them.  

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