Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 Things Taiwanese Workers are Unhappy About

10 Things Taiwanese Workers are Unhappy About

According to Yes123, an employment site in Taiwan, there are top 10 things that workers are unhappy about: 

1.       Lowe pay (19.3%)
2.       Poor welfare (12.7)
3.       Sacrifice quality of life (10.8%)
4.       Long working hours (9.4%)
5.       The work is not what I am interested in (8.4%)
6.       Too much work (8%)
7.       Can’t stand the boss (7.5%)
8.      Under pressure to meet targets (6.9%)
9.       No time to spend with family (6.8)
10.   Can’t get along with co-workers (3.9%)

What do you do in such situations?
Ideas to consider:

·         Create value for yourself: Acquire additional skills and be more competent at work. The key is to be more productive. You are measured by your performance. Be prepared for a promotion.        

·         Ask for it: One effective way to get a pay raise is to ask for it. Before you do, do your homework. Are you performing as expected?  Did your boss notice your good work?  Ask for it at the right time when the boss is in good mood. You may not get it; but if you don’t ask there is no way to get a pay increment.   

·         Work Smart: Plan ahead and get organized.  Do what is important. Work with focus and without distractions. Work on one task at a time and take breaks to regain your energy and concentration. You may not like your job but you have to develop an interest in it and get things done.

·         Change your attitude: Examine yourself closely. Do you need to change your attitude?
Do you show up on time? Do you get things done as promised? Do you miss deadlines often? You have to gain the trust of others in you. Can you accept constructive criticism? Are you willing to make changes? 

·         Work with others: Working together in harmony is the way at work. Learn to be interested in others. Pay attention to the people around you and get others to be interested in you.

·         Lifestyle: Your work is important and so is your family. Start a new day early to avoid working overtime if you can. Spending time with children and spouse is important because family happiness will contribute greatly to your career well-being. Go for a balanced life.  

·         Change your job: Before making a move, you have to change yourself and your attitude. A new job may get you a higher pay and better welfare. You will be frustrated in a new job with a negative attitude.

Wish you more happiness at work.    

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