Saturday, May 26, 2012

What Can You Do With

Nowadays the Internet is abuzzed with curation. To be precise it is about content curation. There is a great platform just for that; is it. Like Pinterest, it is loaded with stunning images, but it is also filled with texts like a magazine.  How do you take advantage of

Curate your interests: Select a topic or topics that you are deeply interested and look for the best articles on the Net and scoop them to your topic pages. You will be building a wealth of information and knowledge on topics such as personal development, blogging and business.  For each post that you have curated, there is a link to the original source of the story.

Interaction: You share your passion with others at Scoop’it.  You get more views from visitors and they will + or rescoop your posts when they find your posts interesting and valuable.  You follow other curators on topics that you like and you can even suggest posts for other curators’ topics that you follow. Score: The site is also able to measure your topic quality based on dynamism, depth and audience engagement. Seethe number 65 (out of a score of 100) on the right side of my topic, All About Happiness. I have just joined the site and I have 8 topics and you can see the score for each topic.

  Leader board: This is the place to show how influential you are among other curators. You can    see how many views and + you have got for each day for your posts.

   Curate your original and best posts: If you are a blog owner like me, share your   best posts on your favorite topics at It is one fantastic way to drive traffic to your site. is one of the top 2000 sites on the web with a PageRank of 6.    

Start an account with Scoop’it and start curating if blogging is too much work and time consuming for you. 

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