Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How I Was Voted as One of the Top 50 in an Online Contest

How I Was Voted as One of  the Top 50 in an Online Contest
How I Was Voted as One of  the Top 50 in an Online Contest

Recently I took part in an online contest for the first time. In order to participate and get into the final you will have to get votes from the public. According to one of the rules the top 50 entries in each category with the highest amount of votes will be shortlisted as potential winners. I am glad that I am among the top 50 for the category Blogger of the Year. I would like to share with you my tactics to get votes:

·         Press Release: This was the most successful method. I sent a press release at on the eve of the voting period. The title of the press release is 10 Ways to Get Votes Online . It had generated more than 4000 views during the voting period. I do not know how many among the viewers voted for me. Assuming a conservative figure of 10%, I would get more than 400 votes just for one vote each. The beauty of the press release is that there are three clickable links to my voting site.

Take-home message: If you want to get what you want, you have to give to others what they want.

·         Articles: I did the same in the form of an article telling people how to get votes online and posted on my site and on an article directory site.

·         Slides: I turn the article into slides and posted at SlideShare . It was a good move because it had received 70 views.

·          On my blog: I have two contest banners, one at the sidebar and another one at the end of my posts, asking for readers to vote for me. Also at the end of each article there is a message to solicit for votes.

·         Social networking sites: I sent out a notice daily during the contest period like this:

I need your vote. I am taking part in the Blogger of the Year contest in Malaysia. Voting is from April 23, 2012 to May 13, 2012. If you have the time you can vote daily during the voting period using your Facebook and Twitter accounts. I would appreciate if you can get others to vote too. Please vote at  

Thanks for your support.

Charles Chua C K @ 

By using Pingfm my message was posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other sites.

Take-home message: People do not know what you want. When you want something you have to ask for it.

·         Exchange for votes: It is quite an effective way but you have to do the work. The site is at 

·         Getting votes from people offline: Of course you will be able to get votes from friends, relatives and family members.

I write this article to thank those who have voted for me, I appreciate your support very much.  Thank you.

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