Monday, May 14, 2012

7 Things to Consider Before You Start a Business of Your Own

7 Things to Consider Before You Start a Business of Your Own

Operating your own business is a great way to earn a living.  You are the boss and you can do it your way. There are a few things to look into in order to do it successfully:
1.       Business sense and plan: You have to come up with an idea and convert it into products or services.  You need a business plan to market your products or services. It has to be better than others to survive in this competitive world. Is your business viable? Will there be a demand for your goods or services?  Do things you are good at and enjoy doing. If you are good at cooking, do you want to start a restaurant business?

2.    Sufficient fund: Do an operating budget and forecast your revenue and estimate your expenses in relation to expected income. You need sufficient fund to carry out your business smoothly. How much capital do you need initially to equip your restaurant with furniture, kitchen equipment and utensils?

3.     Positive ways to do your business:  On a day to day basis, do what is important.  Take action immediately as planned.  Think positive and be confident.  Be passionate about your business. Focus and avoid distractions.  Perseverance and persistence are important factors for a successful venture. Be alert to business trend and stay ahead by continuous learning. Work, make mistakes and be wiser.  Be resourceful and creative to solve problems. Get help if necessary.

4.       Focus on the business not the money: Pay attention to your business, your products or services and how you can serve the customers better and the money will take care of itself.  Give what your customers want and you will get what you want eventually.

5.    Hard working: Working smart is not enough, you have to operate your business on a regular basis and gain the trust of your customers over time.

6.    Be flexible: Review your business performance from month to month. Be sensitive to business conditions and adjust accordingly. 

7.       Location: Look for a place with heavy flow of traffic. As in a food business, a corner shop lot is always good as a catering outlet. 

Get your business started, start small, learn and expand.

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